Reared Calves

Over the last few years we have slowly increased our reared calf output, with 150+ calves reared from 1wk to 3-4mths.   

 These are predominantly black&white bull calves reared on contract for a local finnisher, but we also rear native and continental bulls and heifers for grazing on the family farm and for other local farmers.

 We pride ourselves in rearing calves to the highest standard. Calves are milk fed twice daily for at least six weeks, at a high powder ratio to encourage fast growth, and weaning does not take place before eight weeks. Calved receive ad-lib high protein course ration throughout and are usually eating 3-4kg/hd/day when they leave us ensuring no set back in growth. 

Vaccination against pneumonia and treatment with a coccidiostat ensures healthy well grown calves! 

 If you are interested in having calves reared to order please get in touch through the contact form.